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Remove an IP Address from denyhosts

I recently setup a VPS and installed Denyhosts.  I must have entered an incorrect password at some point cause I couldn't SSH into my server.  After removing my IP from /etc/hosts.deny I could log in once but after that I was added to the hosts.deny file again.

To completely remove an IP address from Denyhosts you'll need to...

  1. Stop DenyHosts - sudo /etc/init.d/denyhosts stop
  2. Remove the IP address from /etc/hosts.deny
  3. Edit /var/lib/denyhosts/hosts and remove the lines containing the IP address. Save the file.
  4. Edit /var/lib/denyhosts/hosts-restricted and remove the lines containing the IP address. Save the file.
  5. Edit /var/lib/denyhosts/hosts-root and remove the lines containing the IP address. Save the file.
  6. Edit /var/lib/denyhosts/hosts-valid and remove the lines containing the IP address. Save the file.
  7. Edit /var/lib/denyhosts/user-hosts and remove the lines containing the IP address. Save the file.
  8. (optional) Consider adding the IP address to /var/lib/denyhosts/allowed-hosts
  9. Start DenyHosts- sudo /etc/init.d/denyhosts start


My review of Windows Phone 7 and the Sprint Arrive

I picked up the Sprint Arrive a few days ago.  I've had the itch to try out Windows Phone 7 so when they announced a device for Sprint with a physical keyboard I was pretty much sold.  Most reviews I've read are positive and Nebraska Furniture Mart had a special for $79.99 so I jumped on it.

Day 1. Couldn't get it activated.  I was able to manually provision the device to get voice and texts but no data.  The CSR, who was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, walked me through every possible option but nothing seemed to work.  Since I could make calls and use WiFi we decided to wait and see if the data provisioning was just taking longer then it should.  A few hours later it still wasn't working so I stopped by a Sprint store and they surprisingly got it working.  They didn't do anything different then me but perhaps the provisioning finally kicked over.  As far as  I can tell this wasn't the phones fault.  I blame the cell phone gods for the issues I had.

Day 3. The phone is working well but there are some quirks / issues that I think should be addressed...

  1. Windows Phone 7: The homescreen and other parts of the OS don't work in landscape mode.  For a device that is suppose to be used in landscape mode it can be a little frustrating at times.   I think a good solution would be have the image / text inside the tile rotate when you switch to landscape mode.  You then swipe left to right to move between tiles or swipe down to get to your application list.  Not a deal breaker by any means but I think it deserves mentioning.
  2. Windows Phone 7: When you open a text message then slide out the keyboard it puts the cursor in the text box and you can start typing.  If you have the keyboard already open when you select a text message you have to manually click inside the text box to allow you to start typing.
  3. Windows Phone 7: When using Internet Explorer in landscape mode the only way to see the address bar is to slide out the keyboard.
  4. Windows Phone 7: When you do a search in the email app in portrait mode after typing your search string pressing enter does not hide the keyboard.  The only way to get the keyboard to disappear is to select one of the first 2 messages or swipe down to scroll through more emails.
  5. Sprint Arrive: The power button on the Arrive doesn't have enough substance.  I have a hard time feeling which side of the phone is the top when I take it out of my pocket.  I think raising the power button slightly so you can feel that side is the top.  Also or at the very least have it "click" a little more so you know you've pressed it.
  6. Sprint Arrive: The slide mechanism seems to get stuck if you don't slide it either with 2 hands or practically in the center of the phone.  Even sliding it closed in the middle gets stuck sometimes.  It has a little oreo effect similiar to what the Pre suffered from.  I'll need to check out some other units to see if they suffer the same way.

Taking all this into consideration I still really enjoy the OS and what Microsoft has done.  Their approach allows for a very consistent and fluid interface.  Someone can pickup any Windows Phone and be able to navigate just as if it was their own.

I feel the OS is at a .8 or .9 release.  Almost a 1.0 product.  Since the Sprint Arrive shipped with NoDo I am not familiar with how the OS operated before that update.  Relative to most products that ship today it is a finished product.

This will be a continuing review.  I am better at remembering the things that frustrate me over the things that I enjoy.


How to identify your SQL Server version and edition

To find out your version of SQL download/install/open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express then click New Query

Paste the below code in the query pane on the right
SELECT SERVERPROPERTY('productversion'), SERVERPROPERTY ('productlevel'), SERVERPROPERTY ('edition')
and click Execute

In the results window it will display the version, Service Pack, and edition.

For older versions refer to the command and chart on the Microsoft KB 321185.

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Disable Ping in IOS 4.3 for the iPad

Some have reported that their battery doesn't last as long with IOS 4.3.  One recommendation which appears to help is disabling Ping.  I took some screen shots to help walk you through disabling Ping on the iPad.

First click the Settings app and select General in the left column

Then select Restrictions in the right column

Then select Enable Restrictions and disable Ping.  You might be prompted to enter or create a Restrictions passcode.

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Migrate a Repository Subfolder to Another Repository

If you have a subfolder that you'd like to migrate from one repository to another SVN has some built in tools that allow you to do that.

  1. Open a command prompt and point it to the directory SVN is installed.  For Windows that is C:\Program Files\VisualSVN Server\bin.  The default Repository directory is C:\Repositories.
  2. Type: svnadmin dump "path to Repository" > repoDumpFile.dmp
  3. You'll then to filter out everything but the sub directory you want to migrate.
    Type: svndumpfilter include "Path to Subfolder" < repoDumpFile.dmp > Filtered-repoDumpFile.dmp
  4. The above command will include all revisions even those not relevant to the subfolder you are migrating.  If you'd like to remove the non relevant revisions and/or re number them you can use the below command instead of the above.
    Type: svndumpfilter include "Path to Subfolder" --drop-empty-revs --renumber-revs < repoDumpFile.dmp > Filtered-repoDumpFile.dmp
  5. Let's create the new Repository.
    Type: svnadmin create "Path to Repositories\New Repository Name"
  6. Now we import the file.
    Type: svnadmin load --ignore-uuid "Path to Repositories\New Repository Name" < Filtered-repoDumpFile.dmp



Comcast DNS Helper

A client of mine mentioned he wasn't able to access his mapped drives over the VPN.  I remotely connected to his PC and noticed if I pinged hostname.domain.local it resolves to  I confirmed he was connected to the VPN and I could ping the IP of the PC directly.  I did a quick lookup of that IP address and it turns out its owned by Comcast.  Comcast's DNS Helper service was to blame.  They were resolving all failed hostnames to their IP address rather then letting it fail and allowing his companies DNS server to resolve it correctly.

To fix this you have 2 options:

  1. Opt-Out of Comcast's DNS Helper service
  2. Switch to a public DNS service like OpenDNS or Google's DNS servers

Right now Comcast has this enabled by default for all customers with dynamically assigned IP addresses.  Business customers are not affected.

Below is an article on the topic that is a great read.


Quickbooks 2009 & Mapped Drives

A client of mine is using Quickbooks 2009 and has been having issues with accessing Quickbook files hosted on the Quickbooks database server.  All firewall ports are open, the database server is running and the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool says everything passes.  They access the files from a mapped drive to the server.  It's never ran or performed as well as I think it should on a gigabit network with fairly new machines.

After doing some research I tried accessing the Quickbooks files over a UNC path rather then a mapped drive.  The performance difference was night and day.  The files opened nearly instantly and it ran as if the QBW files were locally stored.

From Intuit's website...
Note: In prior versions of QuickBooks, Intuit recommended that a mapped network drive be used to access QuickBooks company files. With QuickBooks 2006, the UNC path, or direct path to the company file will work better than a mapped drive.

References: Network Diagnostic Tool, Should I use a mapped drive?


Outlook 2010: “0x8004010F: Outlook data file cannot be accessed”

A client of mine was having the error 0x8004010F in Outlook 2010.  I repaired the PST and it fixed 30 or so errors but I was still having the issue. I ended up creating a new Outlook profile using the following link...

After creating the new profile I could not open or export the previous PST.  I realized she had checked the option Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP checked.  Once I unchecked that Outlook 2010 could open & export the previous PST.


Outlook 2010 prompting for UAC everytime it’s opened

If Outlook 2010 is prompting for UAC everytime you open it check to make sure you don't have Run this program in compatibility mode for: or Run this program as an administrator checked.