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Ride up the coast

My maiden voyage on my new motorcycle was a great one.  We left San Francisco at about 10:30 am and headed north over the Golden Gate Bridge up 101N to Petaluma.  After a quick bathroom break we headed west to Point Reyes.  We then rode down to Bolinas and then back home.


Fire TV Stick and 5Ghz

I recently received my Fire TV Stick and had trouble connecting to my 5Ghz network. After doing some digging I read try lowering your 5Ghz channel. I moved mine down to 36 and now I can see the network and am having exceptional speeds.



There is also a discussion on Amazon's forum.


Adobe PhotoShop CS6 not working in OS X 10.6

I recently deployed Adobe CS6 for teams to all of the users at the office.  Our OS X 10.6 users could not open JPEG's in PhotoShop.  Initially I thought it had to do with remnants of CS3, CS4, and CS5 on the install.

Turns out when CS6 installs from the package it installs the Camera Raw plugin v8.6 which is incompatible with 10.6.  To fix this you have to replace the 8.6 version with version 8.3.

On their computer browse to /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CS6/File Formats and replace Camera Raw.plugin with the earlier version you download below.

Camera Raw_83_GM_OSX.plugin (Alternative download)

For more info you can read about Camera Raw 8.4 on Adobe's site.  Below are some of the errors I was receiving while troubleshooting.

Error when trying to open a JPEG in Photoshop CS6

Error message when attempting to open a JPG in CS6

Could not complete your request because the file was not found.

Error when trying to view the About Plug-in > Camera Raw

Could not complete the Camera Raw command because the file was not found.

Could not complete the Camera Raw command because the file was not found.

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Unable to access SharePoint in Firefox on OS X

Firefox recently disabled pre-NTLMv2 authentication in Firefox 30.  This can cause issues in SharePoint and other IIS based sites.

To re-enable NTLMv1 support type about:config in the location bar, click the "I'll be careful" button, find network.negotiate-auth.allow-insecure-ntlm-v1, double-click on it to change the value to true.
NTLMv1 Error 401

Below is what Firefox wrote in their release notes.

NTLMv1 auth has been disabled, NTLM support on non-Windows platforms is now deprecated

The support for the NT LAN Manager version 1 (NTLMv1) network authentication has been disabled because it's known as insecure. Companies and organizations still deploying the older protocol should upgrade to NTLMv2. See Honza Bambas' blog post and Jason Duell's post to the dev-planning list for details.

This is affecting SharePoint-based or IIS-backed intranet applications. If you encounter any problems on Firefox 30 or later, you can manually enable NTLMv1 using a preference. Note that NTLMv2 is not supported on non-Windows platforms, so OS X and Linux users have to toggle the preference to continue using NTLMv1 as below, though the NTLM auth support on non-Windows platforms is considered deprecated.


Could not access network shares in Windows 7

A user at work called saying they could not access any network shares.  He could ping them but not browse them.  After confirming he could not browse any network shares I opened up the command prompt and tried to run net use to see what connections there were.  It displayed the following error...

> net use
> System error 50 has occurred
> The request is not supported.

After some Googling I discovered there was an issue with a few registry keys.  There was 2 leading comma's in the below registry keys.


I deleted the 2 comma's and it started working.



Unpause printing for non admins in OS X

paused printer

Our OS X users do not have local admin on their machines.  A side effect of this is they cannot unpause their printers.  To resolve this you need to add them to the _lpadmin group.  You will need to run the below command in Terminal to add them to the group.

sudo dseditgroup -o edit -u ADMINISTRATOR -p -a USER -t user _lpadmin

Replace ADMINISTRATOR with a local administrator account in both commands and USER with the user you want to add to the group.  All the password prompts enter in the administrator password.


Deleting rogue music off an iPhone with IOS 7

Delete Music
A user of mine had an iPhone 5 that she was syncing with her iTunes library.  She had removed everything from her library except a single album.  After syncing the phone still had about 40 songs that would not go away.  After multiple attempts at deleting them I found the easiest way to wipe all the music so we can start fresh with only the songs in her iTunes library.

On the phone open Settings > General > Usage and under STORAGE click Music, then Edit, then click the red circle with the line through it.

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Snipping tool not emailing images in Outlook

Linked Image Cannot Be Displayed
I had a user who could not send images via Snipping Tool in Outlook 2010.  Copy and paste worked but not Send To > Email Recipient.

Looking at the source of the email Outlook was sending the local path of the image and not the image.  There is a setting in the registry that fixes this.  The path below will differ depending on the version of Office you have.  12.0 being Office 2007, 14.0 being Office 2010, and 15.0 being Office 2013.

Open Regedit and browse to the following key...

Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\Options\Mail
Value type: REG_DWORD
Value name; Send Pictures With Document
Value: 0


Location of Windows wallpaper after being set

I had a user who set their background in Windows but lost the file. They asked if I could recover it. After doing some research I discovered the location of their wallpaper.

c:\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows Photo Viewer\Windows Photo Viewer Wallpaper.jpg

If you are trying to locate the default Windows wallpapers they are located at



Using your free 50GB of Box to backup iTunes

I've had 50GB free on Box for a while now but haven't had a use for it.  With the 100MB file limit there aren't a lot of options.  Most of my files are on Dropbox due to their integration with most of the services I use.

I figured I'd move my iTunes library to my folder to give me a "cloud" backup of my music if I ever have to reformat or copy my library to another computer.

It's a fairly easy procedure.  Make sure you have Box Sync installed and configured.

  1. First off you'll want to consolidate your iTunes Library
    1. Click File > Library > Organize Library...
    2. Click Consolidate files and then OK
    3. This will consolidate your library into your current location
  2. Next you'll want to change your iTunes Media folder location
    1. In My Box Files create a folder called iTunes Media
    2. In iTunes click Edit > Preferences... > then Advanced
    3. Make sure Keep iTunes Media folder organized is checked
    4. Click Change... and select the iTunes Media folder you created then click OK
    5. It will ask if you'd "like to move and rename the files in your new iTunes Media folder..." click Yes
Your iTunes library should now be in your Box folder and syncing to the cloud.  The only issue with this is if you have iPhone / iPad apps or videos that are larger then 100MB.  Those files won't be synced.