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This is version 1.
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1. Have you ever played WoW? Yes No
2. Do you play WoW every single day? Yes No
3. Are you in an active Guild? Yes No
4. Have you ever killed Ragnaros? Yes No
5. Have you ever killed Nefarian? Yes No
6. Have you spent more than 500g on a lvl 29 twink? Yes No
7. Have you ever killed c'thun.? Yes No
8. Have you ever seen a WoW dance/pvp/storyline video? Yes No
9. ^ Were you inspired to make one of your own? Yes No
10. Have you ever wished to hearth home? Yes No
11. Do you know what IRL means? Yes No
12. Have you ever wanted to settle an IRL arguement with an in-game duel? Yes No
13. When your wife, girlfriend or boss yells at you do you refer to it as "aggro"? Yes No
14. Have you ever threatened your fellow guildmates with "50 dkp minus"? Yes No
15. Can you do the jump in Blackrock Mountain to the lower ledge for MC/BRD without dying? Yes No
16. Have you introduced atleast 1 other person to WoW? Yes No
17. ^ Did you wish you hadn't after they constantly messaged you for help? Yes No
18. Have you ever bought gold for WoW? Yes No
19. Do you know who leeroy Jenkins is? Yes No
20. Do you browse the Wow forums? Yes No
21. ^ Are you browsing the forum right now? Yes No

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