Addiction Survey's > Winamp

1. Do you know what Winamp is? Yes No
2. Do you currently have it installed? Yes No
3. Do you know what the Winamp mascot is? Yes No
4. Do you have Winamp start automatically with windows? Yes No
5. Is your Winamp skinned? Yes No
6. Do you have more then 10 skins for Winamp? Yes No
7. Do you have more then 20 skins for Winamp? Yes No
8. Do you download skins on a weekly basis? Yes No
9. Have you made your own skin? Yes No
10. Are you a skin reviewer for Winamp? Yes No
11. Did you uninstall Windows Media Player? Yes No
12. Is Winamp the only media player installed on your computer? Yes No
13. Do you have any plug-ins installed? Yes No
14. have you written your own plug-in? Yes No
15. Do you have your playlist on a website? Yes No
16. have you used Winamp 2.8 over 3.0 because of its l337ness? Yes No
17. Do you use Winamp 5.0 BETA because of its l337ness? Yes No
18. Is your current homepage? Yes No
19. Have you ever been to Yes No
20. Are you a frequent visitor of Yes No
21. Are you a moderator for Yes No

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